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Retrofit Fire Door Operators

Obsolete fire doors with poorly governed, old style closing systems may actually create hazardous conditions where safety is needed most. By retrofitting M100 Motor, Hand Chain or Hand Crank operating systems on existing fire doors, improved life safety and functional benefits can be achieved while still maintaining UL compliance.



 M100 Retrofit Operators:

  • Guarantee a safe automatic door closing rate

  • Allow testing and resetting from floor level, eliminating the costly nuisance of mechanical resetting after each automatic closing

  • Maintain the safety of building employees and occupants by ensuring that fire doors are ready to respond when the need arises and help prevent catastrophic losses

  • Allow facility personnel to routinely reset fire doors without having to restore spring tension, eliminating facility downtime expense and lost productivity after each auto closing

  • Maintain UL / FM Approval of the door while improving its operation


The Decision Is Easy

Cornell makes it simple for facility managers to eliminate the nuisances of old style fire doors while protecting productivity, property and personnel.

  • Retrofitting with an M100 operator is easy and economical

  • UL procedure allows Cornell Iron Works, Inc. to retrofit the fire doors of most manufacturers with M100 system operators.

  • M100 operators are Factory Mutual (FM) approved.

  • To meet your preferred method of operation, three M100 operating systems are available:

    M100 Chain Operator
    M100 Crank Operator
    M100 Motor Operator

  • Additionally, a full line of release devices and safety accessories are available for use with M100 operators.