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Service Doors

Metal slatted rolling doors used to provide security against entry or weather protection at exterior and interior openings in industrial, commercial, institutional and other buildings.



Rolling Door Benefits:

  • Design Flexibility: Cornell doors are built to order to fit your opening size, operation and option preferences.

  • Space Saving: Service doors roll upward and store in a tight coil above the opening for fuller use of the interior space. This reduces interference with other building components.

  • Low Life Cycle Cost: Cornell’s rugged construction and quality materials assure long life and less costly maintenance.


Standard construction for openings up to 40' wide, 30' high and additional designs for Large Openings in excess of 40' wide or 30' high. Consult factory for doors over 500 sq. ft.


Motors, chain, hand-crank or push-up designs based on size, weight or frequency of operation.


Standard construction is up to 20 cycles per day with High Cycle Construction available for doors expected to be operated more than 20 cycles per day, i.e., parking garages, sally ports.

Fast Acting Doors:

For high traffic openings or where air flow or temperature control is critical, doors can be designed to operate at more than twice the speed of typical doors, or up to 2 ft./sec.

Wind Load:

Cornell service doors can be configured to withstand the full range of specific wind load requirements including missile impact ratings. Also refer to the Wind Load Construction section.

Materials and Finishes:

Standard door curtains are available in 22, 20 and 18 gauge galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in light gray. For 24 gauge, see QS24 below. Also 20 gauge 300 series stainless steel with #4 finish or #16 B&S gauge aluminum with mill, clear or color anodized finish. SpectraShield® powder coating optional. Click here for more information on materials and finishes.


Service Door Options:
  • WeatherGard™:

Include weather seals at the guides and bottom bar with an internal hood baffle at coil housing. Lintel mounted nylon brush seal also available.

  • SpectraShield® Powder Coating:

Polyester finish in over 200 colors for durability, aesthetics, superior finish life and cost effectiveness.

  • Vision Windows:

Provide visibility with one or more panes incorporated in the curtain. Panes are 10" x 1 5/8" and spaced 2" apart. Minimum spacing in from each guide is 12".
Sloping or Irregular Sills: Cornell special bottom bar designs can address these conditions.

  • Removable Mullions:

For extra wide openings that require full access on a limited basis, Cornell can provide multiple doors with removable guide sections.

ADDITIONAL Service Door Options:
  • Graphics Door:

Add durable, full-color images to your curtains and hoods. Great for school logos and turning unused door space into profitable sponsorship opportunities in stadiums, amusement parks and retail stores.

  • ScreenGard™ Perforated Slat Doors:

Achieve visibility and ventilation while maintaining security and insect control. Perforated 20 gauge steel slat provides approximately 22% open space.

  • Matadoor® Breakaway Curtain Bottom Section:

Avoids most damage from accidents involving forklifts or other vehicles. Rugged, 25" high reinforced fabric panel in safety orange and a specially joined structural steel bottom bar allow the assembly to release from its guides upon impact.

QS24 Service Doors - Model ESD11:

All commercial duty QS24 doors are on Cornell’s expedited delivery program and ship within two weeks from date of order. QS24 doors are designed for face-of-wall mounting applications and built to order to fit your opening size. Contact your local Cornell Distributor to see if the door you need qualifies.


Openings from 5' x 5' to 12' wide x 16' high.

Curtain & Hood:

24 gauge galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in light gray.


Manual push-up, hand chain or motor operators available.


Weathering, locking and electrical components are available