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Side Folding Grilles

Open Curtain Model ESG30
Glazed Curtain Model ESG31

Side Folding Grilles and Closures provide security and access control in openings to 12' high with low headroom conditions.






The overhead track is an extruded heavy-duty aluminum section 1 1/2" wide, 1 7/8" high. Continuous recesses are extruded into profile to accept splice tongues and pins wherever track splices are necessary. Track required for curved openings has a standard 10" radius: 90°, 120°, 135°, and 150° curves are standard. Custom radii and angles are offered. Grilles can incorporate multiple connecting sections. No floor track required.


Manual push / pull operation.

Side Folding Grille and Closure Benefits:
  • Less Headroom Clearance than rolling grilles.

  • Space-saving Alignment: Curtains stack compactly (see chart) at one end of an opening or bi-part and stack at both ends, typically require stack space equal to about 25% of opening width.

Side Folding Grille and Closure Options Include:
  • Pocket Door:

Finished door and frame unit conceals stacked curtain when grille is retracted. Formed of bent steel and powder coated.

  • Locking:

Concealed cylinder-operated hook-bolt locks into full height strike channel and is operable from both sides of curtain. Cylinder-operated drop-bolt locks on intermediate members fit floor strike plates.

Side Folding Grilles

VISIONGLIDE™ Open Curtain Design (Model ESG30):

Allows air to freely circulate. Vertical 5/16" diameter aluminum tubes on 2" centers. Horizontal chains formed of eyeletted aluminum links on 12", 9", 6", or 3" centers. A series of 6" high continuous interlocking extruded aluminum panels form the top and bottom of the curtain. Continuous vertical hangers are located at every fourth vertical tube. Hangers are equipped with trolley assemblies with two nylon tired ball bearing rollers.





VisionGlide Finish & Materials:

Aluminum rods, tube spacers and link chains may be mill finish, clear or color anodized. Track, end members, intermediate members, and hinged panels may be clear or color anodized.

Side Folding Grilles

VISTAGLIDE™ Solid Panel Curtain Design (Model ESG31): 

Curtain may be constructed using full aluminum panels preventing visual access or fitted with glazing panels in clear, flame retardant 1/8" thick polycarbonate material, G.E. LexanÒ or equal. Glazed panels run full height between 5 1/2" high extruded aluminum closure panels at the top and bottom. Hanger tubes at every other closure panel are fitted with trolley assemblies and nylon-tired ball bearing rollers, which support the curtain.





VistaGlide Finish & Materials:

Aluminum parts may be clear or color anodized.