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Smoke & Draft Control

Fire Doors (Model ERD11)
Insulated Fire Doors (Model ERD21)
Counter Fire Doors (Model ERC11)

SmokeShield® products add tested smoke and draft control to Fire Doors and Counter Fire Doors. Use to protect interior corridors and smoke barrier openings or any opening where life safety is a priority.






UL rated for fire protection and the loss of property, and also UL, "S" leakage rated assembly labeled for smoke and draft control. - SmokeShield products meet the requirements of the International Building Code, 2000, Section 714.2.3 and the Uniform Building Code, 1997, Section 7.210 for Smoke-and-Draft Control Door Assemblies. - Tested per UL 1784, the procedure for smoke-and-draft control door assemblies. Meets the requirements of NFPA 105.

Curtain Materials:

Galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in light gray or 300 series stainless steel with #4 finish.

Mounting Alternatives:

Approved for both face of wall or between jambs mounting conditions.

All SmokeShield units will be supplied with the following:
• UL leakage rated assembly label for smoke and draft control.
• UL listed perimeter seals applied to each guide and across the header.
• UL listed/tested bottom bar smoke seal/astragal.
• Heat resistant perimeter caulking.

All SmokeShield products are required to be signaled to close by local smoke detectors or a central alarm system. Coordinate alarm system interface with a M100 motor operator system or a SS90 release device.

SmokeShield® Fire Doors Model ERD11 Size:

Openings up to 34' wide by 25' high. Click here for additional information on Cornell fire doors.

SmokeShield® Firemiser™ Insulated Fire Doors Model ERD21 Size:

Openings up to 30' wide by 22' high. Click here for additional information on Cornell insulated fire doors.

SmokeShield® Counter Fire Doors Model ERC11 Size:

Openings up to 16' wide when height is 7' 6" or less. Openings up to 12' wide when height is 10' or less. Click here for additional information on Cornell counter fire doors.