For commercial applications, toughness is the name of the game. Because commercial-use doors see a lot of action, they need to be durable and long-lasting. C.H.I.’s line of tough, heavy-duty commercial doors are built to withstand a higher volume of operation, so you can be sure they’ll be around for a long time.


Insulated Sandwich

Ideal Applications:

Conditioned Commercial Buildings, Fire/Ambulance Stations, Warehouse & Manufacturing Facilities, Heated/Cooled Agricultural Buildings, Truck Terminals.

Ribbed Steel

Ideal Applications:
Dock Doors, Non-Insulated Storage Facilities, Sheds.  Click the more details buttons below to learn more about our ribbed steel door product offerings.

Full View Aluminum

Ideal Applications:
Restaurants/Pubs, Indoor/Outdoor Spaces, Open Concepts, Storefronts, Auto Dealerships, Service Centers, Fire Departments.  Click below for more details.

Commercial Garage Doors need to be fully functional and able to withstand daily operations in the toughest of industrial environments.

We offer a wide selection of insulated and non-insulated commercial upward acting doors to fit your exact specifications.