Fire-rated doors are rolling doors that are specifically designed for fire-rated openings. In the event of a fire, they are designed to stop the spread of smoke and flames through a building. Fire doors are required by building codes and make an excellent proactive measure for preserving property and reducing liability in the event of a fire.


Smoke Shield TM Elevator/Shaft Smoke Curtain

SmokeShield Elevator smoke curtain allows designers to eliminate the IBC elevator lobby requirement, making it the most design forward hoistway enclosure.

Fire Door

In the event of a fire, roll up fire doors stop smoke and fire from migrating through the building. Our fire-rated rolling doors protect lives save property.

Fire Door

The Firemiser Insulated Fire Door is a reliable Rolling Fire Door with the sound and temperature control benefits of an Insulated Rolling Door.

Counter Fire Door

Fire Rated Counter Doors protect openings against the spread of smoke and fire and can be used daily for security.

Fire Rated Manual Operators

Fire Rated Motor Operators

The Benefits of Fire-Rated Doors


Our commercial roll-up fire doors and shutters offer benefits for facilities of any size, including:


  • Security: Fire doors are made from durable steel, protecting businesses 24/7.
    Insulated: Insulated fire doors provide climate control, reduced energy usage and sound-deadening qualities.
  • Code enforcement: Our rolling fire doors are UL listed for fire protection ratings of 3/4, 1 1/2, two and four hours.
  • Protection: Our advanced fire door operating systems automatically activate thermally or electronically.

Installing Fire-Rated Doors or Shutters


If the rest of a building is constructed of fireproof or fire-retardant materials, maintain continuous protection with a fire-rated exterior door. Inside the building, fire doors offer valuable shields, allowing occupants more time to escape safely in the event of a fire. Installing fire doors anywhere flames can spread will improve safety while meeting applicable building codes. Consider the following locations:


  • Exits: The exterior of a building offers a strong defense from approaching flames and flames spreading from within. Maintain the wall of protection with fire-rated steel doors.
  • Elevators: During fires, elevators become chimneys, feeding the flames. Elevator smoke shields prevent smoke and other gases from traveling through the shaft, minimizing the spread of fire and smoke and reducing building damage.
  • Equipment: Equipment malfunctions can create flames, which can spread to adjoining areas. Placing rolling fire doors between maintenance areas and the rest of a building increases fire safety.
  • Shutters: Commercial counters can be a weak point, but not with the proper closure and countertops. We offer fire-rated counter shutters with fire-rated countertops in a range of finishes for added security and safety.

Commercial Fire Shutters Manufactured to Size


Fire doors keep flames and smoke contained by creating a barrier and forming a secure, tight seal. To ensure proper operation and product effectiveness, we offer extensive design services through our Architect Portal. If you’re designing a project, speak with our expert design team for help creating a door with all the features on your list. Cornell fire doors are available in different designs for unique applications, with UL protection ratings ranging from 3/4 up to four hours. Get a personalized quote for fire-rated steel roll-up doors designed to meet or exceed all of your specifications.

Our team is happy to assist with the design process during any stage.