Cornell didn’t invent the insulated door – but we perfected it. Choose our market-leading energy-efficient insulated doors in extreme environments or anywhere you want to save on energy costs and go green.



Thermiser Max® | Maximum Energy Efficient Rolling

Welcome to the most energy-efficient insulated rolling door in the industry. Our patent-pending sealing system provides impressive reductions in air infiltration. The insulated curtain design also makes the door stronger and more secure.

Thermiser® | Insulated

This roll up steel door has foam insulation to reduce sound transmission and air infiltration.This is the ideal choice for environments that require climate control, security, and durability. Click below for details.

Extreme® 300 Series | Maintenance Free, Long Lasting Rolling Door

This maintenance free, long lasting rolling door offers 300,000 maintenance-free cycles. It’s operated by our first intelligent controller, the Apex SmartController. This door performs at an opening speed of 24″ per second.

Extreme® 1024 | Million - Cycle, Maintenance - Free Rolling Door

This high speed door provides security and minimal maintenance requirements. It has been tested to perform for more than 1,000,000 cycles and is faster than a standard coiling door. This is a superior choice for high-use openings.

Insulated Garage Doors and Energy Efficient Overhead Doors

When it comes to insulated doors and the highest energy efficient doors, Cornell Innovative Door Solutions has all your insulated roll-up door solutions. Our energy efficient rolling doors have the highest energy conservation of overhead coiling doors available worldwide.

Can’t find what you need? Contact one of our insulated door specialist in our design support team for product help, custom designs or specifications.


When architects, designers, and building owners are looking for energy efficient and climate control options, Cornell’s insulated garage doors are always the first choice. All of our insulated doors combine the security of a steel door with our high tech insulation to provide a barrier against all the elements. Two layers of steel combined with our advanced insulation filling provides an even superior security door barrier. All insulated garage doors are additionally sealed with our patent pending perimeter seal technology. The advanced overhead door sealing system on our insulated roll-up doors also leads to a significant sound reduction. Our insulated door line also still offers all the options, finishes and materials that are available in our standard overhead rolling door product line.


When you want the most energy efficient insulated rolling door available, our Thermiser Max is the only overhead door solution to consider. Our Thermiser Max is the rolling overhead door solution you want that decreases air infiltration by 94% over standard overhead coiling doors. Top architects, designers, and building contractors applaud the IECC, ASHRAE and LEED certifications our insulated doors have.


Just because our overhead insulated garaged doors are built for security, energy efficiency and protection against the environments doesn’t mean they are not durable. Our exterior insulated doors are meant to withstand daily use and are manufactured to average 20 open and close cycles per day.


Just like all our rolling overhead door products, insulated garage doors can be equipped with a chain driven operator, motorized operator and even connected to our multitude of door opening configurations. All insulated rolling doors have the available options for using galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Just as our overhead doors, the insulated doors can be fitted with perforated slats, vision windows or customized slat options. All insulated doors can be powder coated in any stock color or with a custom color if needed. For the ultimate customization, decorate your insulated roll-up door with a logo, graphic or full-color image.