Model Number: ESD10W & ESD20W

Wind-Master® Service and Insulated Rolling Doors
Maximum Protection


Operational Wind Load Rolling Door


Don’t let the wind dictate when you can operate your rolling door! Our Wind-Master doors are designed to operate in a wind load of 20 PSF. This door also offers an impressive static wind load that will vary based on curtain size.


The roller wind locks on this door allow the curtain to smoothly roll through the guides even under 20 PSF wind load. The door’s spring less design eliminates any resistance that would be created by the springs to allow the full weight of the door to assist in operation.


The Wind-Master operational wind loaded door is available in a service and insulated model. Both models offer flexible design, top of the line security, reliability and durability. If you are looking to improve climate control or reduce sound transmission, the insulated model would be ideal for your application.