Model Number: 5015

Heavy Duty Security Grille


The 5015 Rolling Security Grille curtain is built for the long haul. The curtain consists of solid rods that are spaced 33% closer than standard security grille curtain construction. In addition, the links are 50% heavier with tube spacers on every rod, instead of every 10th rod. These metal gate upgrades make the curtain more secure and more durable than standard overhead grille construction.

The 5015 provides robust security without blocking vision or airflow. As an added aesthetic benefit, the steel gate construction allows for powder coating on the curtain.

Like all of our rolling grille products, the 5015 curtain stores in an overhead coil that is totally supported by extensions of the side guides. This means there is no need for any additional support beams at the security grille hood.

There are times when you need to balance security, visibility and air flow. The 5015 heavy duty security grille provides an enhanced level of security from standard grilles but retains the visibility and air flow so often needed in applications such as parking garages and store fronts.