Model Number: EAG10

Steelweave Mesh Security Grilles & Doors | Cornell Iron, Security Grilles


Aesthetic Security Grille

The SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Grille complements and enhances any building’s design while still providing security. Made of a woven type 316 stainless steel mesh material, it exudes elegance while the multiple patterns transform a standard security grille into a piece of rolling art.

Offered in three models, it is sure to meet all of your design needs:

Aesthetic Reveal (EAG10V) – Designed for high-end retail and hospitality spaces where aesthetics are priority, this model has fastenerless stainless steel guides and bottom bar for a polished look.

Aesthetic Conceal (EAG10C) – Designed for high-end retail and hospitality spaces where aesthetics are a priority, this model features aluminum guides that can be buried in the wall with a stainless steel bottom bar for appearance.

Service (EAG10S) – Designed for utilitarian applications that want the cost savings of an aluminum guide and bottom bar, but want the tight weave to maintain airflow and keep out small trespassers.

In addition to the three different models, SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Grille is available in two standard curtain designs and three special order curtain designs – guaranteeing that we offer something that goes with your existing design. We also offer etching on the Lago curtain, allowing a logo or branding to be displayed.

The SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Grille is ideal for Store fronts, Malls, Bars, Restaurants, Cafeterias and all other applications that require an aesthetically pleasing rolling security grille. It can also be used as a room or space divider.