Our Extreme® High-Performance Products offer advanced performance where you need it most. Whether you need advanced performance for security, productivity or air protection at the opening, we can suggest the right door or grille to meet your performance needs.


Extreme® 300 Series High Performance Rolling

Maintenance free, long lasting rolling door offers 300,000 maintenance-free cycles. It’s operated by our first intelligent controller, the Apex SmartController. This door performs at an opening speed of 24 inches per second. 

Extreme® 1024 | Million Cycle, Maintenance - Free Rolling Door

This high speed door provides security and minimal maintenance requirements. It has been tested to perform for more than 1,000,000 cycles and is faster than a standard coiling door. This is a superior choice for high-use openings.

MicroCoil Extreme® 300 Series | Compact Headroom

The MicroCoil Grille is ideal for parking garages with limited headroom and ADA compliant facilities. It opens 3 times faster than a standard coiling grille. Its durable design is rated for continuous duty.

Extreme® 300 Series | Maintenance Free, Long Lasting

The Extreme 300 Series Grille is ideal for parking garages and high traffic openings. It opens three times faster than a standard coiling grille. Its durable design is rated for continuous duty. Click the “More Details” button for more information concerning this product.

Rytec High Performance Doors

With over 100,000 doors in operation, our doors provide energy savings, safety and security and require only minimal maintenance.

Energy-efficient, high-speed and practically maintenance-free open and close cycles make our 300 Series overhead rolling door the most affordable lifetime high-performance precision door available.


Can’t find what you need? Contact one of our high performance door specialists from our Architectural Design Support team for product help, custom designs or specifications.


Cornell’s Extreme® performance products (Extreme 1024 and 300 Series) offer advanced capability where you need it most. Our offering of high-performance products includes higher speed and higher cycle grilles and rolling doors. Discover which product meets your needs.


Our high performance doors are:


  • Energy efficient
  • Long lasting
  • Durable
  • Springless in design
  • Capable of 300,000 maintenance-free open and close cycles (300 series)

Our Extreme 1024 high-performance rolling door and grille is great for high traffic areas such parking garages or loading docks with three times the speed of other overhead coiling doors. No other overhead product has the combination of security, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. The Extreme 1024 handles over a million open and close cycles with minimal maintenance and has the lowest lifetime cost versus any other high-speed overhead door on the market. Our Extreme 1024 overhead door is designed to give you a maximum return on investment and worry-free installations.


Energy Efficient


Having an insulated overhead door is just one part of being energy efficient. When looking for a hurricane proof doors, our high performance overhead doors not only provide superior insulation, but our patented sealing system creates a protective barrier to keep out air infiltration around the door too. This combination makes our Extreme® high-performance doors the most energy efficient door available.


Fast and Durable


Not only durable, but fast too. When you need a fast roll up shop door, the 300 Series of products is three times faster than the standard overhead coiling or overhead sectional door or grille. Using the Apex™ Smart controller, our 300 series high-performance rolling doors open at a rate of up to 24 inches per second promotes traffic flow to help maximize production.


The Apex™ Smart controller features:


  • Direct drive
  • Compact and intelligent design
  • Plug and play wiring
  • LCD screen display
  • Makes door commissioning and limit setting a breeze

Rubber Doors


For challenging climates, weather, dirt and other factors or events, our high-speed overhead rubber doors provide the best protection on the market. Our rubber overhead rolling doors can help with accidental impact from trucks or equipment. When torrential rains, blizzard snow or extreme heat or cold is a factor, these high-performance coiling doors will not only provide superior protection but significantly lower corrosive factors.